Senior Wellness

seniorOur senior wellness plan is an economical, convenient option to ensure that your aging pet receives a thorough work-up, as age related diseases become more prominent with age.  You will find that paying for this plan at the pet’s yearly wellness visit will save you 10% compared to our a la carte pricing.

The senior plan includes the following services listed below:

  • Annual physical exam (including rectal/prostate exam)
  • Full blood panel (Complete blood count, Chemistry, and Thyroid [T4])
  • Heartworm test
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal evaluation
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Complete eye exam (includes pupil dilation)
  • Chest x-rays (3 views)

Senior Wellness Package with dental procedure:

The patient is eligible for this option if it is deemed healthy after performing the diagnostics listed above.  If the package is paid in full and the patient is not able to proceed with the dental procedure, then the client will be reimbursed the difference.

  • All services/diagnostics listed above included
  • Annual dental prophylaxis (anesthesia with patient monitoring, oral examination, dental scaling, dental polishing, full mouth x-rays, and IV catheter and fluids)

Please note: As our vaccine protocols vary with patient lifestyles, vaccine prices are not included in the senior wellness package price.  Any services or medications not listed on the plan above will cost extra.  For detailed pricing, please contact the clinic at 970-518-1252.