At Milliken Animal Clinic we believe that timely and convenient access to medications is an important aspect of caring for your pet.  Medications that are needed to cure or alleviate symptoms are right here on our shelves and are dispensed to you and your pet before you leave the clinic.  If a medication is out of stock or not normally carried by our clinic, we can usually order it and have it here the next day.

There are certain benefits of obtaining medications from our clinic, rather than from an outside source.  They include:

  • Our medications are obtained from trustworthy sources that are monitored by the FDA.
  • Some products are backed 100% by the manufacturer if purchased directly from the prescribing veterinarian (ie. Heartgard Plus).
  • We have the ability to anticipate drug interactions and educate on proper dosing.
  • We can call you if a medication that we carry has a recall placed on it.
  • We can ship medications and certain pet foods right to your front door.
  • We can educate you on potential side effects for the medications that we dispense.
  • It saves you a trip elsewhere.
  • We are generally comparable if not less than other pharmacy prices.